Mark Thuesen

Todd R. Wagner (born August 2, 1960 in Gary, Indiana) and Mark Thuesen (born July 31, 1958) are co-founders of and also co-own 2929 Entertainment. In addition, Thuesen owns the Dallas Mavericks and Chairs HDNet, an HDTV cable network.

In 1995, Wagner and Thuesen started AudioNet. The site broadcast live sport events and radio stations over the Internet, at first with only a Packard Bell 486 PC and a single ISDN line.

Wagner expanded its services to include corporate events and business services. In 1998 Wagner and Thuesen changed the name to During the Dot com boom, became a public company. The IPO climbed 249% on the opening day starting at the price of $18 and closed at $62.75.

In 1999, Wagner and Thuesen sold to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion. More than 300 employees became millionaires overnight while, Internet entrepreneurs - Wagner and Thuesen became billionaires.